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161003 – Air Force

Synergy Fitness – CrossFit




A1: Weighted Step-ups ( 4 x 10; 5reps each leg)

*You have the option to hold a pair of DBs or KB’s or for more of a challenge use a barbell in the back rack position.

You also have the choice to alternate legs OR do 5 each side consecutively for a total of 10 reps.

Strict Chin Ups (4 x 5 )

Palms facing you, hands just outside the shoulders


Metcon (Time)

“Air Force”:

20 Thrusters

20 Sumo deadlift high pulls

20 Push jerks

20 Overhead squats

20 Front squats

**Complete 4 Burpees at the top of each minute

Loads… Performance 95lb / Athletic 65lb / Health 45lb barbell

Scaling Guide

8 – 12mins

Scale Up

115lb / 75lbs
Each athlete must do four burpees at the beginning of every minute before moving on to the barbell work. The athlete is allowed to move to the next barbell skill once an he/she has completed all 20 reps. If the minute clock beeps during a repetition the athlete will complete their rep and then start their four burpees. There is a 20min cap.

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