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161012 – Barbells for Boobs October Challenge; Week 2

Synergy Fitness – CrossFit


Foam Rolling

Calves/Lower Leg – 90 sec each leg

Pec minor smash – 1 min on each side

Warm Up & Activation

With a partner

Person 1: Run 200m

Person 2: Row until P1 gets back



Junk Yard Dog: 5 reps (over arms & legs / over & Crawl under)

Spiderman 10-15 secs into Samson 5 secs (each side)


BB Snatch Warm up

-3 DL

-3 Jump + High Pull

-3 Muscle Snatch

-3 OHS

-3 Snatch balance

-3 HPS


1:00 Side Pillar (:30/:30)

Skill Development – EMOM

12 mins

Hang Power Snatch + OHS (2 HPS + 1 OHS; 5sec hold at bottom position)

*Work on moving well during snatch and OHS. We are trying to get comfortable with the movements as we will be progressing over the next couple weeks”


Metcon (Time)

Barbells for Boobs, October Challenge; Week 2

With a partner (ideally with opposite sex)

Row 2500 meters switching off every 250 meters.

The person not rowing will perform as many 20/14lb wall-ball shots to a 10/9ft target.

Your score is your total time but you get to subtract 1 second for every wall-ball shot.
The numbers in this workout stand for a couple of things. The reason we have 1 woman/1 man teams is to represent that 1 in 8 women and 1 in 1000 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. 2500 meters represents the $2500 Reward level and giving 31 more people the RIGHT to Know if they’re living with breast cancer.

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