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161021 – Week 3: Barbells for Boobs October Challenge

Synergy Fitness – CrossFit


foam rolling

calves & lower legs – 1min each leg

quads & i.t. bands – 90sec each leg

Warm Up & Activation

200m run

leg swings

sumo squats

100m run

30′ spiderman

2 sets

Dead Bug x 1min

single leg hip bridge x 10

then spend 7-10mins building up to working weight for metcon


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds

400m run

13 Back Squats (Performance & Athletic: Body weight / Health: .75 – .5 of body weight)

Scaling Guide:

12 – 16mins
The 5 rounds represent the FIVE people you can give the RIGHT to Know by earning your hoodie, the 400 meters represent the $400 Rewards level, and the 13 back squats represent that 1 woman will die every 13 minutes in the United States from breast cancer.

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