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Synergy Fitness – CrossFit

Warm Up & Activation

Run 400m

Arm swings & Trunk twists

Inchworms + Push Ups

Walking Spidermans

Wheel barrel walks w/partner x2

Burpee broad jumps

3 Rounds

30 sec Jump rope (Double or Singles)

5-7 push Ups

10-15 Band Pull aparts


8 Mins w/your partner

Odd: P1: 150m shuttle sprint* P2: Side plank** while P1 runs

Even: P2 150m shuttle sprint* P1: side plank while P2 runs

*Shuttle sprint = start at back door sprint to mailbox & back, then to stop sign & back,

**Only do 1 side each round…

Each person should do 4 shuttle sprints and 4 side planks


Metcon (Time)

2 Rounds for time with a partner…

100 Double-unders (200 singles)

50 Bench Press (P: 135lb / A: 95lb / H: 65lb)

100 Double-unders (200 singles)

50 Ring Rows

100 Double-unders (200 singles)

25 Burpees
For the ring rows if possible, place your feet on a box so your body is parallel to the ground.

Ring rows should be done with no momentum…keep your midline tight and keep them strict.

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