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Synergy Fitness – CrossFit

Partner WOD

Metcon (Time)

With a partner complete

241 Double Unders (buy in)


7 rounds of:

4 Clusters*

17 Burpees

immediately after the 7 rounds complete

76 wall balls; 20/14/10lb

(cash out)

*This is a squat clean into a thruster. You can use a BB (135/85/65lb) or DBs (60/40/25lb)

Scale Up:

BB: 155lb/105lb

DB: 70lb/50lb
As with all Holiday/Hero workouts this is going to be a grind.

The DU’s can be scaled to singles if needed. If you are inconsistent with your DU’s, and wondering if you should do them or singles, start with DU’s then switch to singles if you’re getting tangled up. Ultimately the buy in shouldn’t take longer than 5-6 mins.

There’s only 4 clusters in each round so they should be a little heavy. Talk to your partner about how you want to split them up… you can alternate reps (1,1,1,1)or each of you do 2 in a row each round, or even have 1 person do all the reps in a round and you alternate rounds.

The burpees are going to be the equalizer. Each person doing small sets or 4-6 reps at a time will help each of you keep a consistent pace throughout the 7 rounds.

Same thing for the wall balls.. pick a number for each of you to do… sets of 8-10 then switch quickly.

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