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Synergy Fitness – CrossFit

Warm Up & Activation

3 Rounds NFT

20 Banded Crunches

10 Half TGU (5R+5L)

10 Single leg RDL (5R+5L) – use same weight if possible

If you are unable to do the banded crunches you may just do them without – or put a super light weight on the feet.

For the half TGU – it’s exactly that. It’s PART of a turkish get up.

You will bend the knee that is on the same side that the weight is being held. Dumbbell or KB should be held with a locked elbow while laying down on the groud to start. You will roll to the opposite elbow – then hand – then control back down. Do NOT just plop back down.

Keeping your eyes on the weight throughout will aide in the balance and stability part ot this movement.


Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds*

10 Devil Press (40lb/25/15)

20 Weighted Sit Ups (25lb/15/10)

40 Double Unders

Rx+ 5 Rounds

Goal Time: 15-25 Min

The devil is back!!
The weighted sit ups can be done with a plate, a dumbbell, a med ball, a sandbag or whatever!

The double unders number can be lowered if necessary to perform each set in 2 min or less. You may also sub singles, but as always we prefer dumbbell hop overs.

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