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Back Squat (6×4; 6 sets of 4 reps)

These are Pause + No Pause Back Squats…

Each set will consist of

2 Reps Back Squat with a 3 Second Pause


2 Reps Back Squat with No Pause

If you know your 1 Rep Max, you may use around 70-75% or more if possible. Go up or down between sets based off of feel

For this session – for the first 2 reps you will lower into the bottom of your squat in an ACTIVE position! Do NOT relax or collapse. You will hold that position for a 3 count and then stand up – trying not to add an extra bounce. FIGHT for the knees to stay out and that chest to stay up as you stand!

For reps #3-4 you will not pause but will stand immediately upon hitting the bottom position.

The bottom position we are looking for is hip crease lower than the knee – so long as you can keep your back flat in that position. If you are not able to go “below parallel” this movement will put a lot more stress on the quads and knees and you won’t be able to use the glutes and hamstrings as much.

We would rather have you go LIGHTER and LOWER to work on getting strong at depth.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

5 Rounds:

Each Round is for Max Reps

Each Round is in a 2 Min Window:

Run 200 Meters


Max Reps MB Clean + Wall Balls in remainder of 2 mins

Rest 1 Min between rounds!
Run hard each round so you have at least 45 seconds to get 8-10 MB Cleans + WB

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