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A1: Bent Over Row (5×10; 5 set of 10 reps)

Sets must be unbroken.

Use a barbell & go as heavy as possible with great form..

Once you finish each set of 10 – you will immediately go into the 10 RDL’s

A2: Romanian Dead Lift (5X10; 5 sets of 10 reps)

aka… Straight Leg Dead lift
Sets must be unbroken.

Using the same weight from the bent over rows

Rest up to 2 mins before going back to A1

Metcon (Time)


KBS (53/35/26)

Ring Dips

Hollow Rocks
Scale the ring dips as needed… with a band, feet on a box or bench.

If you’re not table on the rings, use the dip bars. Some of you may even have to do close grip push ups.

The key here is to get full range of motion and get your elbows past 90 degrees.

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