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Metcon (No Measure)

5 Rounds

15 RDL’s*

10 Supine Around the worlds (5R/5L)
The RDL’s can be with KBs, DBs or a Bar.

Only a slight bend in the knee. Back stays flat. Squeeze the butt to bring you to standing!

Metcon (Time)

10/10 – 8/8 – 6/6 – 4/4 – 2/2

Pull Ups/Ring Rows


Double Unders
We are looking to both a vertical pull (pull ups) and a horizontal pull (ring rows) today.

It will look like this:

Round 1

10 Pull ups + 10 ring rows + 50 Double unders

Round 2

8PU + 8RR + 40 Doubles


Keep the pullups as strict as possible. Scale to a band or jumping pull ups with a 2-3 second descent for each rep.

On the ring rows we want to see your feet even with the post of the pull up rig at the very minimum.

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