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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

16 Min EMOM

(Every Minute on the Minute)

Min 1 – 30 Seconds Deadlifts / 30 Sec Rest

Min 2 – 30 Seconds HSPU* /30 Sec Rest

Work for 30/Rest for 30

Keep alternating until you have done 8 rounds of each (or 16 min)

Suggested Loads:

DL 205/155/105lb

RX+ 255/165lb
Pick your poison for the HSPU… Strict, Kipping or a combination of both

Substitute a strict DB press for HSPU or scale… feet on a bench or a box. Whatever it is, you may only have ONE abmat on the ground and your head MUST touch it for each rep to count.

Choose a weight for both movements that will allow you to get at least 8 reps every time. but nothing more than 15 each time though. We don’t need anyone doing 200 deadlifts….

Warm Up & Activation

3 Rounds not for time

15 Good mornings (with a band or barbell)

15 Band Pull aparts

20-30 Sec Handstand hold

5 -10 pike push ups

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