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Bench Press (3 x max reps )

We are building off what we did last week. We still want 3 sets of max reps, but this week your first set will be heavier.

Get a few warm up sets first, then get 3 working sets of max reps…

Set 1 @ 90% of 5RM

Set 2 @ 85% of 5RM

Set 3 @ 80% of 5RM

Metcon (Time)

1000m row


3 rounds

200m Farmer Walk

15 KB Bent Over Row

12 (Ring) Dips

KB weight: 44lb/26lb/18lb

RX+ 53lb/35lb

Goal is 15 -18 mins.
Work on pacing today. The goal is to go through the entire workout at 85-90% of max effort with minimal rest.

With the row find a pace that you can maintain for the entire 1000m and that will allow you to go right into your FW after taking a few short breaths…. this isn’t the time to PR your 1k row.

The FW is double the length we would normally do… do your best to hold on to the KBs for as long as possible during each round.

Scale the dips however you need to… feet on a box or the ground.

If you’re unstable on the rings, use the dip bars or even 2 boxes.

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