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Compare to July 13, 2017

Skill Warm Up

* Do this AFTER mobility & general warm up…

3 – 5 Rounds:

30 Sec – 1 Min Wall Facing Handstand Hold

1 Min Rest

Get as close to the wall as you can. And REALLY fight the overextension of the spine by pulling the rib cage in and tucking the chin.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

3 Min Max Reps Wall Balls (20/14/10lbs)

3 Min Max Reps Toes to Bar or V-Ups

2 Min Max Reps Wall Balls

2 Min Max Reps Toes to Bar or V-Ups

1 Min Max Reps Wall Balls

1 Min Max Reps Toes to Bar or V-Ups
There is no scheduled/timed rest between movements so “pace” this workout accordingly.

For the wall balls choose a number of reps that you can do for multiple sets & that won’t require long breaks.

For the V-Ups or Toes to Bar you should choose a version or a scale that will allow you to get, again – 30-50 reps.

Options are – Toes to Bar, V-Ups, Knees Up, or even regular Sit Ups


3-5 Sets

15 DB Lateral Raises

15 DB Bent Over Reverse Flies

15 Upright Rows

All 3 done as a superset with as needed rest between supersets. So, all 45 reps in a row then rest. Again – pretty light weight.

Weight is determined by quality lateral raise.

Keep elbow above hands. It helps to turn the thumbs down to turn off the front part of the shoulder.

Slight bend of the elbow is ok.

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