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EMOM 10 mins

Even mins: 12/8 calorie row

Odd mins: 30-45 second dead bug*

start with a static dead bug the first round, then progress to opp arm/opp leg then to a 4 way (both arms/both legs) as you go through the 5 sets.

Metcon (Time)

10 Rounds

5 Deadlifts (205-225lb ish/135-155lb ish/95-115lb ish)

5 Box Jumps (24/20/16″)

RX Plus (245lb+/165lb+)
If you know your 1 Rep Max Deadlift – use roughly 70% of that weight for the deadlifts.

For this the weight will be highly individual – so pick what’s right for you.

This needs to be a weight that you can definitely do all 5 in a row with, but not easily… no matter what, DO NOT get sloppy with them

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