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Warm Up & Activation

After Mobility & a general warm up…

EMOM 6 mins

7 Box Jumps: choose a height that you can get through quickly so you can go right into

14 Russian Twists*; this is total reps (7R/7L)

You will do both the box jumps and Russian twists every min for 8 mins

*choose a weight that you can do unbroken with control. Focus on stabilizing your midline and rotating your trunk.


Metcon (Time)

50 Russian KBS

40 Alternating Goblet Lunges

40 Russian KBS

30 Alternating Goblet Lunges

30 Russian KBS

20 Alternating Goblet Lunges

20 Russian KBS

10 Alternating Goblet Lunges

10 Russian KBS

RX: 53lb/35/26 for both movements.

The Lunges can be walking or in place. The reps listed are the total reps… 40 = 20R/20L

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