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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

8 rounds of 40 secs work/20 sec rest

(24 total mins)

Min 1: Alt. Renegade Row (no pushup) 40-30lb/25-20/15-10

Min 2: Toes 2 Bar / Knees 2 elbow

Min 3: Double Unders
The Renegade row is like a bent over row except that you are in a pillar position with your hands holding the DBs.

Have your feet in a wide stance outside of your hip & keep your midline tight so your hips do not rotate when you pull the DB off the ground.

You will alternate arms and count total reps each round.

Scale the T2B as needed… hanging knee raises or supine toes 2 post.

NO SINGLES FOR JUMPING ROPE TODAY! Do DB hop overs or tuck jumps (jump & pull both knees up as high as you can) remember the point is to repeatedly jump quickly of the ground.

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