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CARBS – Yes or No?



    Right now, many people are in pursuit of their better health and fitness. Eating Right will make the biggest difference on your results. Carbs (Carbohydrates), are always something people struggle with. Can you have them? If so, what kinds and how much?  Like most things it all depends on your goals. I know, that’s not really what you want to hear so here’s our take on carbs for general health, wellness & fitness.

    Carbohydrates (bread, oatmeal, rice, pasta, potatoes, couscous, quinoa, etc.) should mainly be consumed for breakfast or lunch – preferably ones with a low to medium glycemic index or whole grain products. They keep you feeling full longer, provide more vitamins and minerals and hold your blood sugar levels steady.

    The choice of carbohydrates and the times between meals are important for preventing your blood sugar from fluctuating. High blood sugar levels cause your body to release more of the hormone insulin. Insulin stores sugar and fat in your body cells while at the same time preventing fat loss. After an intense training session, however, it is a good idea to eat a snack or recovery shake containing carbohydrates and protein.

    For dinner, some good examples of low carb meals would be: grilled fish with steamed vegetables, a turkey or chicken breast salad or an omelet with fresh herbs, tomato and cucumber, particularly if you exercised in the morning or it’s one of your off days. If you worked out hard in the late afternoon and you didn’t have any carbohydrates afterwards, then you can eat a small portion (for example, 1/2cup of quinoa or brown rice or 1 medium sweet potato) with your last meal.

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