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CF 09/30/2015

Synergy Fitness – CrossFit


Ankles & Hips


A1: Pause Snatch + OHS + HSB (10 mins to workup to a challenging weight)

Pause Snatch + Over Head Squat + Heaving Snatch Balance
Full squat for each movement.

Pause Snatch:

Heaving Snatch Balance:


Metcon (Time)

15 Squat Snatch 95lbs/65lbs

800m Run (400m x2)

20 Power Clean & Jerk 95/65lbs

600m Run (400m + 200m)

25 Deadlift 95/65lbs

400m Run

Scaling Guide: 11 – 20 Minutes

Rx Plus 135/85
Coaching Tips:

For today’s Metcon, really try and get the full squat snatch, even if you have to reduce the weight.

Then for the next movements you can add weight to your bar.

Use the adding weights as a quick rest before you hit the clean and jerks and deadlifts.

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