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    As we enter the third week of 2016, a majority of America has already started to lose focus and have begun slacking on the behaviors and habits they know they need in order to get the results they want?  To help YOU avoid being part of the majority, here are 6 keys to stay the course & maintain a clear and unwavering vision to achieve the success you desire in 2016.

    YOUR WHY –  The purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you do what you do! WHY do you want to lose 15lbs? WHY is it important to you and what impact will improve your health have on your life?  When you know your why you’ll have a deep desire and passion to take action every day.

    YOUR VISION – I’m not talking about having 20/20 eyesight. I’m talking about how you see yourself 1, 5, & 10+ years from now.  Your vision is like your compass providing you with the initiative in which direction to go. When you go through tough times your vision will help you overcome obstacles and will help you answer why you began in the first place.

    YOUR MIND(SET) – The thoughts that run through your head are powerful… What you think is what you become. This is more than just being & staying positive. It’s about believing in yourself & knowing that you will accomplish your goals despite any challenges & setbacks that you face. Whilst everybody is wishing, hoping, waiting, you’re fighting for what you want.

    YOUR PEOPLE – Surround yourself with the “right” people who will challenge you to stay the course and keep you accountable. Avoid the “yes” people in your life who will allow you to slack off when you really need to stay focused. Staying committed to the ones who support and encourage us to reach our goals is a special relationship and is absolutely crucial to your success.

    YOUR PLAN – You’ve heard it before… “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” You have a vision and an end result in mind, so start there and work backwards. Take the time to break down your goal into smaller bite size pieces and challenge yourself in applying a consistent and controlled approach to your goals even on a daily routine. You can’t plan for every possible turn of events, but you can be well prepared to handle the majority of them. Remain flexible and work to adapt to unexpected situations.

    YOUR PROMISE – No one can do it but you! You have to look in the mirror and make the promise to yourself that you will do what it takes, EVERYDAY, to achieve your goals. It’s your personal responsibility to live to the best of your potential and giving anything less than 100% is unacceptable. You must have the urge to constantly believe that there is something out there better for you and you must work towards that dream.

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