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Synergy Fitness – Functional Training M/W/F

CONTEXT – Practice




A1: Squat Clean (6×2: 6 sets of 2 reps – same weight as Friday)

-approximately 85-90% of max

-same weight for each set

A2: Single Arm Shoulder Press – Half Kneeling (6×4; 6 sets of 4 reps)

-Use DB or KB

-Same weight for each set


Metcon (Time)


For time

10-8-6-4-2 Thrusters (Performance: 115lb / *Athletic: 75lb / Health: 55)


Dumbbell Thruster (Performance: 45lb / Athletic: 30lb* / Health: 20;b)

50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders

*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide: 4 – 10 minutes.

Rx Plus: 135/93lbs Thrusters
Coaching Tips:

Keep the elbows up, and maintain a good ‘rack’ position throughout the thruster.

If you struggle with squat cleans, plan on doing a power clean then a thruster.

Be extra careful to keep those elbows away from the knees (otherwise slamming your elbow onto your knee and possibly injuring your wrist).

If you can’t get any double unders or you struggle with doing more than 1-2 reps, scale to doing 4 singles then a double under attempt every 5th rep.

Count this as 5 reps and do the same number as “RX”.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

3 rounds With a partner

60 sec C2B (or kipping pull-ups)

60 sec burpees

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