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The 1 Thing Everyone Needs to Lose Weight Successfully

We ALL have them. We ALL fight them. We ALL have lost to them.  You know those times you get off your clean eating routine, and start to follow a new plan… I like to call it the SEEFOOD plan…. You SEE FOOD (anything and everything) and you eat it!!

The good news is, we ALL can and will overcome them in the future. Even though you may have been knocked down you’re never out… You just have to know how stay on your feet and keep moving forward.

Our friend and member, Jill Gass, sent this article to me and thought it would be a good idea to pass it along. It has some great tips and advice of how to have a “fallback plan” and “stay in attack mode” when you get off track.

Your Fallback Plan is your line in the sand—something you are 100% confident you can do, no matter what. It can be a nutrition habit like eating protein at every meal or an easy, 15- to 20-minute workout that moves you toward your goal but requires as much thought as brushing your teeth….

The key to this Fallback Plan is that you aren’t retreating. You are still in enemy territory, regrouping for your next attack. If you feel like you can do more, do a little more. If you feel like you can do a lot more, do a lot more! “

None of us are perfect, and we all love a good cheat meal but the key is to limit those meals, AND have a go to fallback plan.  Here’s the link again.



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