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We are BETTER because of YOU

Today we’re sending out more than a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY… We’re also saying goodbye SEE YOU SOON to one of the OG “Suncoaster’s”, current Coach, and most importantly FRIEND…
Over the past 4 years Jake has been staple in our community both as member, athlete and coach and It’s been a pleasure to help him develop his body, mind, athletic capacity and coaching ability.  The impact he’s made and the lives he’s touched during his time with us is something we are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for.
There are a ton of quotes about surrounding yourself with the right people….
“Surround yourself with People that:
are positive
on the same mission
lift you higher
support you” etc….  The list goes on and on.
If there is one quote that describes the type of person we have in Jake and the impact he has had on our business, community and life it’s the following…
In every aspect of his life Jake leads by example and inspires us to be the best version of ourselves that we can be…. EVERYDAY
Jake, we can’t THANK YOU enough for the time you’ve spent with us and the impact you’ve made. We truly appreciate EVERYTHING you’ve done and THE PERSON you are! As you move onto the next chapter in your life we know that you will touch, inspire and force the people you surround to DO BETTER!
Your Friends,
Justin & Stacy Flagg

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